Bouldering Prague

Bouldering is a type of climbing that is characterized by technique, strong fingers, lower walls and rocks (or if you look at modern competitions, gymnastics and coordination). Bouldering is what a large number of climbers start with because they just need climbers with some good skills sole and a mage. If you want to find new boulders, whether outdoors or indoors, you've come to the right place.

Where to climb

You can climb in Prague both indoors and outdoors. Almost all halls have a designated section for bouldering and some (like Boulderbar) specialize directly in bouldering. Further in the text you will find the walls divided according to the style of bouldering you will find on them and our rating.

Climbing outdoors is very easy in Prague, as we have several large bouldering areas. The main one is, of course, Divoká Šárka, which contains sixteen bouldering sectors of different sizes. In addition, large climbing areas such as Borová skála, Branické skály or Hlubočepské plotny tend to have a few associated boulders, but these are often forced and the areas are much more oriented towards sports and traditional climbing.

Bouldering v praze je relativně nový sport. Boulder na Divoké šárce - hlídka. Nedaleko Nebušic

Indoor Bouldering – Prague

Indoor bouldering in Prague is concentrated between several main walls. Some of them are on our list the best climbing walls in Prague, but not all of them. That's why we made a slightly specialized list of 5+1 indoor bouldering walls that, in our opinion, are worth it!

Boulder Bar

Boulder Bar, or Bar, is an excellent climbing wall in Holešovice, a few meters from the classic Mammut Holešovice wall. The bar focuses exclusively on bouldering, and it shows. Four rooms full of walls with ceiling climbing, vertical walls and inclines are at home here. The roads and holds are excellent. Builders imitate rock technical climbing well. There is also a small amount of coordination and dynamic boulders, but it is not the rule. Along with this, the Bar has a large leaning campus wall and a functional Moon Board.

The staff here is very pleasant and accommodating. The wall has (as is the rule) a functional bar. The only downside is that Boulder Bar doesn't accept credit cards yet, so you have to pay in cash.

Evaluation: If you want to find us, we'll be here. Convenient public transport links, the entrance fee is good and the roads are absolutely amazing, if a bit difficult. Disadvantages are the need to pay in cash and non-specific evaluation of routes by color rather than difficulty. But an experienced climber can estimate the difficulty based on the grips and inclination.

BoulderBar, Boulder, Praha, Prague, Bouldering, Gym
First room, BoulderBar

Ultra Ant

Ultra Ant (Ant) alias TynskáStěna is a relatively small bouldering area in the very center of Prague. You can find it 200m from the Old Town Square and it has been in full operation since 1998. The total area of the wall is 260m2, but this is amply compensated by the well-built roads. You can find practically everything here, from overhangs to slabs. A rarity here is one traverse path that runs around the perimeter of the entire wall.

Rating: Ultra Ant (Ant) is, as the name suggests, a small wall. But it is in a beautiful place in the center of Prague. It can be accessed very easily from practically anywhere. The roads are well built and maintained and the landing area is fully padded. An ideal wall if you are in the center or don't have time to drive far.


BigWall is, as the name suggests, a climbing wall where sport climbing dominates. Nevertheless, there is a very good boulder here. Although it is not large, the boulder on BigWall has 300m2 and routes from V0 to extremely demanding V11. The profile here is very fragmented, from slab to cave and a small ceiling.

Before entering BigWall, you need to register and have a card made (however, the card can also be used on Třináctce). The wall is located on the B subway, not far from the O2 Arena, access is not difficult at all. But we recommend keeping in mind that BigWall is dominantly a mecca for sport climbing. Try to walk here with a rope. It's a shame not to use the massive walls and super roads.

Evaluation: BigWall is an amazing and affordable wall. But it is not primarily bouldering. The routes are relatively demanding and well rated from V0 – V11.

Laugh OFF

Laugh OFF is one of the three walls that we also mentioned in our article about the best climbing walls in Prague. The floor plan of OFF is divided into 2 almost equally large parts, the one closer to the bar is sports, the further away is oriented towards bouldering. At any moment you will find 180 boulder problems divided (just like the Boulder Bar) into nine color categories. But the problems here are much more spatially extended and modern, i.e. more dynamic and gymnastic. So if you are one of the climbers who were lured to our sport by the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021, then SmíchOFF is just for you.

Evaluation: SmíchOFF is very specific in its type of climbing. Gymnastics and balancing routes are ideal if you enjoy this style of climbing. But if you are a more "traditional" climber who wants to climb on rocks, the local boulder is not quite for you. Still, SmichOFF is definitely worth a try. The wall is located a short distance from Anděl and metro B transport to OFF is not difficult at all.

SmichOff Boulder


Thirteen is almost the perfect opposite of the aforementioned BigWall. Here is a relatively small climbing wall, but again a two-story large boulder, with the same builders as on BigWall. So if you enjoy climbing one, you'll almost certainly like the otherThirteen is almost the perfect opposite of the aforementioned BigWall. Třináctka offers a relatively small climbing wall, at the same time you will find a large two-story boulder here. In addition, Třináctek and BigWall run out of the same route builders, so if you enjoy climbing one, the other will almost certainly suit you too! Boulder here has 600 m2 of space with hundreds of boulders from V0 to the mythical V16 in all possible profiles. We welcomed a lot of light here. The bowdlers are LED backlit and this is helped by the large windows that illuminate the entire area beautifully.

It's just a shame that Třináctka is probably the most expensive large Prague wall and at the same time probably the least intuitive. As it is located inside a large sports complex, finding the changing rooms and the exit is a bit more difficult than one would like.

Evaluation: Thirteen is a good boulder. The disadvantage of Třinátka is worse connections and a higher price. We, who know that Smíchoff is only a short distance away, prefer to visit there. However, the routes are of very high quality and emulate outdoor climbing.


LokalBlok is an unconventional climbing wall in Smíchov. It is a combination of a restaurant (yes, a normal restaurant with food) and indoor bouldering. The wall here is relatively spacious (for a restaurant) and built in an old-school style. But the builders divide the individual problems with ribbons and build them a lot on top of each other. A similar style that can be found, for example, at Mammut Holešovice or Boulder Bar. The climbing here is made to resemble rock and technical.

Evaluation: Although this is our "+1 wall", it is quite interesting! The atmosphere is pleasant and the routes are meaningful. Plus there is a clear bonus, if you are tired of climbing, you can go for good food.

Outdoor Bouldering – Prague

Bouldering Prague and how to do it outside? It's a bit more complicated, as you can climb Urban bouldering as well as traditional rock bouldering. Urban bouldering (that is, climbing in the city) is mainly on bridges and on Prague's Náplavka. Classic bouldering is then divided between five main areas, the largest of which is Wild Sárka.

Wild Sárka

Divoká Šárka is the largest bouldering area consisting of sixteen different sectors. Here you can find everything from traditional boulders to highball or very demanding sitstarts. The sectors here are practically all around the perimeter of Divoká Šárka as well as in its center. But the largest sectors are behind Aritma and behind the U Veselíka swimming pool.

Divóka Šárka is beautiful and the climbing there is very straightforward. Sites like have very chaotic guides.

The easiest way to get here is to take the final tram or bus stop Divoká Šárka. From there it's a 30-minute walk to almost every boulder in the valley. Other bonuses are MCDonalds above the valley and, in the summer months, an extremely cold swimming pool and refreshments at U Veselíka (where you can sometimes find us).

Evaluation: We highly recommend Divoka Šárka! It is a place that every climber should climb at least once. Boulders are good, often logical and maintained. They are relatively easy to find, but at the same time they tend to be quite isolated, so not many people will look at you.

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devil's stick - boulder - Wild scarf

Gold coins

Boulder Zlatnice is the second area in the Divoká Šárka valley. However, it is much smaller than Šárka itself. It is practically only one big rock block with several boulder problems. The rock is very pleasant and the routes are on all kinds of holds, but especially the ledges and pulls. There are a total of seven boulders on Zlatnica, of which the difficulty is almost half to half. Half of the problems are around V0 and the other half borderline around V5. Getting here is quite simple. As the sector is behind Prague's Hanspalka in Prague 6, metro A, trams and buses lead here.

Evaluation: A pleasant small sector with several nice lines, Zlatnice is a place we can recommend. The roads are not too high and are a good combination of technique and strength. Unfortunately, we have to point out that TOPOS are rarely available here. 27 crags has one paid and has approx applicable labels.

Chimic grove

This area is in Prague's Kobylisy, a short distance from the Zoo and the second bouldering area Đáblický háj. Čimický háj is a relatively large (for the area outside Šárka) area with fourteen problems. The problems are around V3-V5. Ideal for more advanced climbers. You can climb here on two boulder rocks, which are acceptably maintained and clean. Boulders are straightforward and well described at 27 Crags Free. This area is good for those who live on the other side of the Vltava and cannot / do not want to drive all the way to Divoka Šárka.

Evaluation: Transportation here is a bit more difficult with only a handful of bus stops connecting the grove and Prague. Apart from that, the climbing here is pleasant and similar to a stay I'm kosher.

Devil's Grove

Devil's Grove (just above Čimický) is one of the largest bouldering sectors in Prague. Over 50 problems from V0 to V9 (7c). Here you can find practically everything you want. It is the "Šárka" of western Prague. A large and very pleasant sector on a good connection - the final trams of Vozovna Kobylisy. The Devil's Grove itself is one of the most beautiful places in Prague, which is definitely worth a visit!

The climbing here is very flowery and scattered in nine sectors around the middle of the park. It pays to prepare for a long climbing day, as it will be here for a long time and for several trips.

Evaluation: The second best bouldering area in Prague! On good connections and with quite a lot of things to do if climbing is not your thing. There are a lot of problems in all styles (except maybe joint), so almost everyone can find what their heart desires here.

Hostivar rock garden

The Hostivař rock garden is inside the Hostivař-Záběhlice nature park, a short distance from Hradiště and the dam. Skalka itself is a uniform, approximately 18 m long and 5 m high massif that hides almost twenty boulders. V0 (3) to V5/V6 (6c-7a). Skalka is not the cleanest of the rocks that can be found in Prague, so bring a brush and patience. The routes on the rock are dominantly simple, ideal for beginners or moderately advanced climbers. Especially you who like to catch on slopers and crimps you will like it here.

Evaluation: Hostivařská rockery is a pleasant, one-day bouldering area. A skilled climber can overcome most of the problems here in a day of honest climbing. The disadvantage of the area is that it is at the opposite end of Prague from most climbing areas, so the route is not the shortest. The second disadvantage is the lack of verified and really good TOPOS. 27 Crags have a rough shot and CHS refers to old guide.

Urban Bouldering

A driftwood

Bouldering in the center of Prague is something amazing. Plan your day and accept that you will be the source of a lot of looks and discussion. Still, it's worth it. Roughly twenty boulder problems between V0 (4) and V5 (6c) line the high wall of the Prague embankment. Here you climb on building stones and their small splinters. These are mainly large and slippery holds with a hard landing (on pavement). That's why we recommend taking all the bouldering shoes you have here. A big positive of Náplavka is that it is right in the center. Transport here is very simple. Bowlers are on both sides of the river around Karlova náměstí on metro line B – Karlovo náměstí and Anděl. There is also a lot to do here. If you plan to visit here in the summer or spring, it is almost a guarantee that you will be occupied by Prague itself at the worst.

Evaluation: Náplavka is a nice climb for someone who is looking for something non-traditional or maybe preparing to climb the notorious Moravian Sloup. In addition, the boulder is also good for taunting non-climbers (let's face it, we've all enjoyed it at one point or another). Transport here is easy and refreshments are plentiful. The only downside is that it's almost a must to have more than one bouldering mat. And to top it all off, there is a good TOPOS free naplavka na 27 Crags (where, by the way, we also have them).


Climbing bridges is an integral part of Urban bouldering. There are four bridges in Prague, each with its own style. Most Barikadníků has a boulder for lovers of joint climbing (there is nothing else there) like us! The Trojan bridge, on the other hand, is focused on footwork and friction. Those who were on Hlubočepské platené will understand why one of the boulders is called "Greetings from Hlubočep". Libeňský bridge is a combination of joint climbing and micro-holds, and the last bridge – Čechův – is the most similar to climbing on Náplavka, i.e. with slopers and strange body positions.

 Evaluation: In general, climbing bridges is quite an experience. Unfortunately for most climbers, most of the boulders on the bridges in Prague are focused on the joint. If you don't like this style, it probably isn't for you.